What Workover Rigs Do, and Why You Need One When Starting an Oil Drilling Company

If you are excited about the prospect of starting an oil drilling company and hitting oil, hold up. There is a lot of money needed to buy umpteen pieces of equipment before you can even start drilling for oil. Even if you think you have all of the equipment you need to drill your first well, you probably do not have any workover rigs. If you are unfamiliar with what a workover rig is or why you would need one before you start drilling for oil, you will find your questions answered below. 

The Workover Rig Explained

A workover rig is like an abbreviated oil rig. When it is erected, it looks like an oil derrick with its steel tower and smaller base. However, it is called a "workover" rig for three reasons. One, when it is in use, you and your crew will "work over" the oil well with this rig. Two, you and the crew are working over parts of the oil well that are not functioning so well. And three, the work is over on this particular oil well because it is not producing anymore, or not producing enough to be cost-effective if you keep it going. Hence, the work is over, you are working over the rig to fix it or remove it, and you are working over (i.e., working above) the oil well to dismantle it. 

Why You Need a Workover Rig Before You Start Drilling

Not every well is a deep one, and that is a fact you should accept from the start in the oil business. Sometimes you dig where you think there will be quite the oil collection underground only to find a spot where the oil seems to be passing through but not pooling in the rock. Since you already started the drilling and excavation process, you have to stop. You have to pull up out of the hole, and then you need the workover rig to close the well and prevent flashback from any fires that may start. If you do not have a workover rig for these purposes, a lot of dangerous and potentially lethal events could ensue. Worst of all, you could be sued for anything that happens to anyone if and when you do not remove and close the well securely. 

Where to Find Workover Rigs for Sale

Oil companies that are getting out of the business may sell you one of their workovers. Otherwise, there are plenty of oil company equipment sellers that have new workover rigs for sale, or you could go to sites like workoverrigs.com. Find what fits your budget, and buy that.

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